The Living Dead Man

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The Late Mathias Pascal

19262 h 50 min

Mathias Pascal, only son of a once-rich family, marries beautiful Romalinda, who has a terrible mother-in-law. She controls her daughter, and soon his home life becomes a nightmare. His only moments of lights are his mother and baby, but both die on the same day. Shocked, he leaves his hometown and goes to Monte Carlo, where he wins a fortune at the casino. Returning home, he reads his own obituary in a paper. They have found a corpse in a creek and connected it with his disappearance. Mathias, noticing that he is now free from all ties to his old life, decides to start a new one.

Director Marcel L'Herbier
Runtime 2 h 50 min
Release Date 12 February 1926
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Movie Rating Not rated
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Feu Mathias Pascal

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